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PurrInn Cats Hostelry
Luxury Pet Hotel - Loving Care Cat Boarding Exclusively for Felines

Luxury Cat Boarding Services near Seattle WA

At PurrInn Cats Hostelry's boarding cattery each cat boarding guest receives individual social interaction during out-of-condo play time with a cat lover staff person, petting, lap sitting, or string chasing, customized to their individual feline-care needs or desires. PurrInn Cats Hostelry's cat boarding pet facility (boarding cattery) includes a large airy playroom with perches, cat scratching posts, cat toys, and carpeted gyms. We reside on site and take pride in hosting a clean, homey and peaceful environment that receives positive reviews, compliments, and kudos from our Cat Hotel Guests' people.

PurrInn Cats Hostelry located near Bothell, just north of Woodinville and not far from Bellevue and Seattle Washington, enables our enjoyment of and love for cats to be expressed and fulfilled by providing:

Black Cat Picture Quality Loving Care Boarding Exclusively for Cats Featuring:

Long Hair Cat's Portrait

Our Cat Boarding Cattery offers Deluxe Cat Condos and Cat Suites or Townhouses with a view and balconies. Each cat boarding unit in our cats only luxury pet hotel is also supplied with a cat bed, litter, and a cat litter box. You must provide the cat food your cat/s enjoy at home,  canned cat food and/or dry cat food kibbles. Especially if your feline is on a special diet or is picky, we require that you bring your cats' usual brand/s of canned food, dry kibbles, treats, vitamins, and/or medications.

Our Cat Condos are made from seamless Formica with clear Plexiglas doors and wall-to-wall windows to provide the maximum in health, privacy and protection. No metal cages in our cat boarding hotel! The available cat condos, cat suites, and townhouse sizes will accommodate from one to six cats. If your feline friends enjoy being together, we suggest connecting cat suites or townhouses. We encourage you to bring a favorite toy, brush, comb, etc. to make your cat feel more at home while at our cat boarding hotel.