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The top dry cat foods, supplied by cat owners whose feline friends vacationed at PurrInn Cats Hostelry, were evaluated by comparing the labels "guaranteed analysis" and "ingredients" to explore how dry cat foods meet a cat's urinary tract health, elderly cat kidney problems, and feline nutrition requirements. The dry cat foods list is organized based on the Main Ingredient Types with the Phosphorus, Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrate content percentages listed (Dry Matter Basis). Meat proteins were considered more digestible protein sources than plant products, meat-by-products, and meat meals, and a "less-likely-to contain- pollutants" protein source than fish. More cat food reviews and Feline nutrition information is available on line.

Calculate your cat food's Dry Matter Basis (DMB) protein and water content on PurrInn Cats Hostelry's H20 + DMB Calculator Excel spread sheet.

DISCLAIMER: This cat food review was developed in order to choose the an affordable good-quality cat food diet for our two cats, a sedentary overweight 9 year old cat and an active still-growing 1 year old kitten. Inclusion of specific brands of cat food is for the convenience of readers for comparing ingredients and nutrients from one cat food to another. It is NOT intended nor to be construed as a recommendation nor endorsement of any included dry cat food.

The results are a starting point for comparison, however, the difficulties in making any such list meaningful include:
1 - Cat food manufacturers constantly change the labels, formulas, ingredients and guaranteed analysis of their cat foods. A cat food on the list often differs from one from the same manufacturer with a nearly identical label.
2 - The “guaranteed analysis” minimum and maximum percentages on Cat Food labels are not the actual percentages included in the food's formula, and
3 - Cat food labels do not indicate the percentage of proteins derived from meats versus the percentage of less digestible proteins derived from plants.

Dry Cat Food Comparison Summary Legend.

Ingredient ClassTop Value = Cost + % Protein + Quality protein + Moderate Fat & Moderate Carbohydrates Protein % DMBFat % DMBCarbo % DMB$/lb proteinCost / bagbag size lbPhosph-orus %
mmLfvfvvvvvWellness Core Adult Cat & Kitten Fish & Fowl Recipe56.18%20.22%3.20%$5.83 $34.95 12.01.63%
mmLLvmvvvvvvvNatura Evo Adult Weight Management55.56%16.67%13.00%   1.86%
mmLvvvfvvvvmvvNatura Innova Senior Cat Food42.22%13.33%37.30%$8.75 $19.95 6.01.21%
mmvvvmfvvvvvvvHalo-Spot's Stew Wholesome Chicken Recipe36.67%20.00%32.00%$11.06 $10.95 3.0 
mmvvvvvvvProwl dehydrated cat food36.92%31.12%26.81%  1oz0.84%
mLmfvmLvvvvvvvNatura EVO Turkey & Chicken Formula Cat & Kitten55.56%24.44%7.00%$5.82 $40.95 15.41.76%
mLmvmvvfvvNatura Innova Cat & Kitten Dry40.00%22.78%25.02%$8.56 $18.49 6.01.16%
mLmvmvvfvvvNatura Innova Adult Cat Food40.00%22.22%26.67%$6.84 $36.95 15.0 
mLLvfvmmLfOrijen Cat & Kitten Chicken50.00%22.22%15.94%$7.67 $18.99 5.51.44%
mLLvLvvvvvvvvvvBlue Buffalo Blue Wilderness44.44%20.00%26.52%  12.0 
mLvmvvvfvPremium Edge kitten chicken, salmon & vegetables formula37.78%24.44%18.72%    
mLvLvmvvMerrick Before Grain Chicken 140.45%20.22%35.96%  3.3 
mlvvmmvfvvvvvvvvLotus Chicken Recipe for Kittens40.00%24.44%15.94%  8.01.40%
mlvvmfvvvvvvvvLotus Low Fat Chicken Recipe for Cats34.40%10.60%39.81%  8.0 
mLvvLLvvvvvvvvBlue Buffalo Healthy Living Adult Chicken37.78%20.00%33.30%$5.33 $28.99 16.0 
mLvvLvvvvvvvNewman's Own adult cat dry35.56%17.78%35.89%$10.41 $9.99 3.0 
mLvvvfvvvvmvvNatura California Natural Chicken & Brown Rice 40.50%17.89%32.76%$5.58 $30.49 15.01.37%
mLvvvfvvvvmvvWellness Complet Health Chicken Chicken Meal Rice40.45%20.22%23.88%$12.19 $21.95 5.01.16%
mLvvvLvmv Evolve Maintenance Formula with Chicken35.96%14.61%46.07%  7.0 
mLvvvLvmvvWellness Indoor Health33.71%13.48%35.62%$9.99 $35.95 12.00.88%
mLvvvvLvmvvvvWellness Healthy Weight33.71%8.99%43.45%   0.73%
mLvvvvLv Organix Feline Formula Organic Chicken Brown Rice & Flax34.44%17.78%29.42%  6.01.00%
mLvvvvvLPurina Mills Exclusive Chicken & Rice Formula35.56%23.33%24.84%$6.24 $7.99 4.01.11%
mLvvvvKirkland Signature Super Premium Maintenance33.33%22.22%36.67%$2.27 $16.99 25.0 
mLvvvvvvvvSimply Nourish Kitten Cat Food Chicken & Rice Recipe42.22%20.00%18.61%  3.5 
mLvvvvvvvvvvvvBlue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Formula Turkey&PotatoeRecipe33.33%13.33%45.74%$8.66 $15.95 6.0 
mbvvvmEukenuba Adult Chicken Formula37.78%23.33%26.18%  4.0 
mbvvLvmIams Original with chicken36.67%16.67%32.47%$4.36 $28.77 20.0 
mbvvvmIams Hairball Care35.56%23.33%23.13%$5.19 $13.29 8.0 
mbvvvLvIams Healthy Naturals with Chicken36.67%16.67%32.47%  3.5 
mvbvvLvPurina One Vibrant Maturity 7+40.91%14.77%32.90%   1.02%
mvvbvvLmvvPurina ProPlan Weight Management Adult52.27%11.36%27.22%$3.94 $28.99 16.00.80%
mvvbvvLvPurina ProPlan Chicken & Rice Formula adult45.45%18.18%29.90%$4.37 $27.99 16.00.91%
mvvbvvLvPurina One Chicken & Rice Formula38.64%14.77%34.39%$4.78 $5.69 3.50.80%
mvvvmvvfvvvvvvvNow Adult Cat Formula34.44%20.00%31.89%  3.00.67%
mvvvLmvvvvvHills Science Diet Ideal Balance Grain Free33.33%22.22%24.11%  2.0 
mvvvvmLvvvvvvHills Science Diet Natures Best Chicken Brown Rice Dinner Adult31.52%18.48%38.83%$10.92 $37.99 12.00.80%
mvvvvvvvfmvvvvNow Fresh Adult Turkey Salmon Duck & Omega Oils35.23%20.45%30.72%    
LvvvRoyal Canin Gastro Intestinal High Energy HE 3033.89%22.78%33.56%  8.8 
fLfLvmvvvvNatura Evo Herring & Salmon Formula55.56%20.00%8.11%   1.89%
fLLvvmvvvWellness Complete Health Salmon Salmon Meal & Turkey40.45%20.22%22.64%$12.19 $21.95 5.01.04%
fLLvvvmvvvvvvvBlue Buffalo Lnogevity Mature35.56%8.89%51.11%  2.0 
fLLvvLvvffvvvAcana Pacifica Champion Pet Foods38.89%22.22%31.01%  4.01.33%
fLvLvvMerrick Before Grain Tuna 340.45%20.22%35.96%  3.3 
fvmvvvmmvvvvvvvHalo-Spot's Stew Wild Salmon Recipe36.67%20.00%30.89%$9.59 $18.99 6.0 
fvvvvmLvvvvvHills Science Diet Natures Best Ocean Fish Brown Rice Adult32.61%18.48%37.46%$10.55 $37.99 12.00.79%
LLvmOne Earth Naturals Adult Formula37.78%20.00%31.67%$7.41 $11.09 4.4 
LmvLvvvvLmmvNatural Balance original Ultra for kittens To Adults37.78%20.00%34.82%$6.85 $34.95 15.0 
LvmvvvvmRoyal Canin Young Adult YWS 3436.56%10.75%37.70%    
LvLvvvvAvoderm chicken & herring meal Formula kitten food40.00%24.44%20.73%   1.04%
LvvmvvmRoyal Canin Intense Hairball 3436.96%15.22%33.47%$12.01 $24.50 6.0 
LvvLvmvNatures Variety Instinct Chicken Meal Formula55.56%24.44%16.89%$6.80 $14.95 4.41.83%
LvvvmvArkat VF Complete Chicken & Rice Formula37.78%16.67%31.63%  6.6 
LvvvmfLvvvvTaste Of Wild Rocky Mtn Feline Formula Venison & Salmon46.67%20.00%26.39%$3.93 $24.75 15.0 
LvvvfvvNutro Natural Choice Adult Chicken Meal & Rice Formula46.67%18.89%8.24%  7.00.89%
LvvvvmvvvvvRoyal Canin Indoor Adult 2729.35%13.04%50.87%  7.0 
LvvvFirst Mate Fish & Potato w/ Blueberries Formula46.67%20.00%23.23%$7.93 $39.95 12.01.44%
LvvvvvLfvvNutro MaxCat Indoor Adult Salmon Flavor Hairball Management33.33%16.67%33.34%$8.05 $14.49 6.0 
LvvvvvmvvNutro MaxCat Indoor Adult Roasted Chicken33.33%16.67%33.34%$7.49 $13.49 6.0 
LvvvvvvNutro Natural Choice Complete Care Indoor Adult36.67%15.56%28.63%$8.57 $49.49 17.5 
LvvvvvvmvRoyal Canin Active Mature 2830.43%23.91%40.96%  3.5 
LvvvvvvRoyal Canin Oral Sensitive 3032.61%15.22%44.02%  6.0 
LvvvvvvvvvRoyal Canin 34/2935.00%16.11%38.78%  2.5 
bvvvvffPurina One Adult Cat Salmon & Tuna Flavor38.64%13.64%40.97%$4.26 $10.15 7.01.02%
bvvvvffHills Prescription Diet r/d35.75%9.50%27.37%$10.66 $28.99 8.50.67%
bvvvvmIams Indoor Weight & Hairball Care Proactive health31.11%13.61%37.58%    
bvvvvmvHills ScienceDiet Healthy Development original Kitten40.66%23.08%13.57%   1.10%
bvvvvvLLPurina Cat Chow complete formula38.64%14.77%42.44%  3.51.02%
bvvvHills Science Diet Optimal Care Original33.15%20.99%35.31%    
bvvvHills Science Diet Oral Care32.42%20.88%27.71%  3.5 
bvvvvHills Science Diet Mature Adult Indoor31.52%19.02%29.62%  15.5 
bvvvvvHills Science Diet Mature Adult Hairball31.52%19.02%26.90%$7.19 $36.49 17.50.76%
bvvvvbMeowMix Hairball Control Chicken Turkey Salmn Ocean Fish35.23%12.50%40.00%$4.09 $3.99 3.20.91%
vLmvvvvvThe Goodlife Recipe38.64%14.77%24.03%  3.00.91%
vLvmfvvvvvvvMeowMix Wholesome Goodness Chicken Tuna Vegetable Medly36.36%13.64%44.09%$4.16 $3.99 3.01.14%
vLvfNatural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Green Pea & Salmon Formula33.33%13.33%44.89%  10.0 
vLvvLvvPurina Cat Chow Indoor Formula34.09%10.80%44.67%  7.0 
vbvvvmmPurina Fancy Feast w/ Savory Chicken & Turkey35.56%17.78%41.67%  1.0 
vbvvLbWalgreen PetShoppe Gourmet Formula35.23%12.50%45.57%  3.5 
vbvvLvvAlbertsons Happy Tails Indoor Formula34.09%10.80%44.89%$4.52 $9.50 7.0 
vbvvvPurina Vet Diet EN Gastroenteric56.82%18.18%21.31%  6.0 
vbvvvHills Science Diet Adult Light 1-6 years34.44%9.56%39.36%$4.51 $27.99 20.00.56%
vbvvvbWhiskas Meaty 34.09%13.64%45.00%$3.11 $6.92 6.60.91%
vvbHills C/D Multi Care Prescription Diet32.61%14.13%38.60%$11.36 $34.09 10.00.87%
vvmvHills D/D Skin Support Duck & Green Pea Formula29.35%18.48%45.65%  8.5 
vvbvbbPurina Friskies Grillers Blend34.09%13.64%42.82%   1.14%
vvbvbLLMeowMix Seafood Medley/Original Choice38.64%13.64%41.14%$1.75 $10.72 18.00.91%
vvbvvvbPurina Friskies Seafood Sensation34.09%13.64%42.82%$1.55 $11.59 25.01.14%
vvvbvvvLPurina Veterinary Diets OM Overweight Management56.18%8.99%23.60%  8.0 
Dry Cat Food Comparison Summary LegendProteinFatCarbohy- drate/other$ / lb ProteinCost / Bagbag size lbPhosph -orus %
m = meat< 10 %
f = fish10-20 %< 10 %
L = f/m meal> 55%20-25%10-20%
v = vege/grain44-55%25-30%20-30%
b = by product40-44%30-35%30-35%
< 40%> 35%> 35%
Averages38.41%17.61%31.81%$6.98 1.09%