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The Canned Cat foods, supplied by cat owners whose feline friends vacationed at PurrInn Cats Hostelry, were evaluated by comparing the labels "guaranteed analysis" and "ingredients" to explore how Canned cat foods meet the cat's urinary tract health, elderly cat kidney problems, and feline nutrition requirements. The canned cat foods list is organized based on the Main Ingredient Types with the Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrate content percentages listed (Dry Matter Basis). Meat proteins were considered more digestible protein sources than plant products, meat-by-products, and meat meals, and a "less-likely-to contain-pollutants" protein source than fish. More cat food comparisons and Feline nutrition information is available on line.

Calculate your cat food's Dry Matter Basis (DMB) protein and water content on PurrInn Cats Hostelry's H20 + DMB Calculator Excel spread sheet.

DISCLAIMER: This cat food review was developed in order to choose an affordable good-quality cat food diet for our two cats, a sedentary overweight 9 year old cat and an active still-growing 1 year old kitten. Inclusion of specific brands of cat food is for the convenience of readers for comparing ingredients and nutrients from one food to another. It is NOT intended nor to be construed as a recommendation nor endorsement of any included food.

The results are a starting point for comparison, however, the difficulties in making any such list meaningful include:
1 - Cat food manufacturers constantly change the labels, formulas, ingredients and guaranteed analysis of their cat foods. A cat food on the list often differs from one from the same manufacturer with a nearly identical label.
2 - The “guaranteed analysis” minimum and maximum percentages on Cat Food labels are not the actual percentages included in the food's formula, and
3 - Cat food labels do not indicate the percentage of proteins derived from meats versus the percentage of less digestible proteins derived from plants.

Canned Cat Food Comparison Summary Legend.

Ingredient ClassTop Value = Cost + Quality protein + % Protein + Moderate Fat/Fiber/Carbohydrates rankingsProtein % DMBFat % DMBCarbo % DMB$$ / lb protein$$ per canCan Size oz
mOne lb raw steak (trimmed retail cuts composite, trimmed to 1/4" fat, all grades)31.14%32.87%35.99%$27.76$5.0016.0
mOne lb raw chicken (broilers or fryers, meat and skin)53.10%41.92%4.97%$15.79$3.0016.0
mOne lb raw beef liver71.07%14.21%14.71%$25.00$5.0016.0
fCanned salmon, pink, without salt, solids with bone and liquid 81.25%18.75% $15.00$3.0016.0
mTiki Cat Chicken in Chicken Consomme72.73%9.09%6.59%$48.50$2.796.0
mmBrandon Farms Beef & Liver 45.45%27.27%6.82%$28.31$1.156.5
mmBrandon Farms Chicken & Chicken Liver 45.45%27.27%6.82%$28.31$1.156.5
mmBrandon Farms Turkey & Turkey Liver 45.45%27.27%6.82%$28.31$1.156.5
mmbyNature Beef &Liver / Turkey & Turkey Liver or Chicken & Chicken Liver 45.45%27.27%6.82%$39.14$1.596.5
mmbyNature Organic Turkey & Chicken45.45%27.27%20.45%$42.40$1.596.0
mmMerrick BG beforegrain 96% beef47.73%15.91%30.00%  5.5
mMerrick BG beforegrain 96% turkey 45.45%27.27%20.91%$35.78$1.235.5
mAvoderm Chicken Chunks Entrée in Gravy44.44%11.11%20.83%  3.0
mmMerrick BG beforegrain 96% quail & chicken43.18%25.00%25.45%$37.67$1.235.5
mMerrick BG beforegrain 96% chicken40.91%27.27%25.45%$39.76$1.235.5
mInnova Evo 95% venison cat food45.45%45.45%4.55%$33.82$2.7913.2
mInnova Evo 95% beef cat food40.91%40.91%13.64%$27.61$2.0513.2
mmInnova Evo 95% chicken & turkey cat food40.91%45.45%9.09%$27.61$2.0513.2
mmmmmvAuthority adult Lamb Recipe Pate45.45%29.55%10.93%$21.07$0.796.0
mmmmmvAuthority Adult Lamb & Rice Formula  45.45%29.55%12.30%$18.13$0.686.0
mmmmmvvNutro Natural Choice Adult Chicken & Turkey Platter45.45%22.73%7.39%  5.5
mmmvmNutro MaxCat Adult Chicken & Lamb Formula39.13%26.09%19.24%  5.5
mmmmvmvNutroMaxCat Adult Turkey & Giblets Formula39.13%26.09%21.41%  5.5
mmmvvmmvNutro MaxCat Adult Hunters Stew Duck Gourmet Classics45.45%25.00%11.04%$25.89$0.895.5
mmmvvvvvvvWellness Turkey  Formula45.45%22.73%17.84%$30.34$2.3712.5
mmmvvvvvvvWellness Chicken Formula45.45%22.73%17.84%$30.34$2.3712.5
mmmvvvvvvvWellness Beef & Chicken Formula45.45%22.73%17.84%$30.34$2.3712.5
mmmvvvvvvvMerrick Turducken45.45%13.64%25.43%  5.5
mmmmvvvvvvvNatures Variety Homestyle Prairie Duck & Chicken Stew40.00%22.50%28.25% `5.5
mmmvvvvvvvBlue Spa Select Turkey & Chicken Entrée45.45%29.55%10.91%$34.62$1.195.5
mmmmfvmNutro MaxCat Kitten Chicken & Ocean fish43.48%30.43%11.00%$25.89$0.895.5
mmmfmvmvFelidae Chicken Turkey Lamb & Fish in Chicken Broth50.00%31.82%0.00%$18.62$1.6913.2
mmmfvmAuthority Adult Beef Recipe Pate  45.45%29.55%12.30%$18.13$0.686.0
mmmfvmvAuthority Kitten Chicken & Liver45.83%31.25%6.33%$17.98$0.685.5
mmmfvmvAuthority Kitten Chicken & Lamb45.83%31.25%7.21%$17.98$0.685.5
mmmfvvmvDistinctive Delicacies Turkey & Sweet Potato Formula45.45%27.27%10.59%  3.0
mmfmvvfTrader Joe's Turkey & Giblets Dinner40.91%22.73%22.84%$19.07$0.595.5
mmfmvvfTrader Joe's Chicken, Turkey & Rice40.91%22.73%22.84%$19.07$0.595.5
mmffvvmvDistinctive Delicacies Chicken & Crab Formula Formula45.45%27.27%10.59%  3.0
mmfvvmvDistinctive Delicacies Chicken & Catfish Formula45.45%27.27%10.59%  3.0
mfmmmmvvvNutro Max Cat adult Chicken & Liver Formula39.13%26.09%21.41%  5.5
mfmvmmvvvNutro Max Cat Senior Chicken & Lamb Formula39.13%21.74%20.34%  5.5
mfmmmvAvoDerm Chicken Formula Kitten & Adult45.45%31.82%6.93%$37.53$1.295.5
mfmmmfvBreeder's/Select Choice Chicken/Ocean Fish & Turkey Kitten Food45.83%41.67%0.10%$28.83$1.095.5
mffmvvPetGuard Chicken & Wheat Germ Dinner50.00%36.36%0.00%$42.05$1.595.5
mfmvvPet Guard Tender Beef & Wheat Germ Dinner54.55%36.36%0.00%$25.62$2.8914.0
mmffvvvNewman's Own Chicken & Salmon Formula40.91%27.27%16.89%$88.30$1.493.0
mmffvvvvvvvWellness Turkey & Salmon Formula45.45%22.73%16.25%$30.34$2.3712.5
mmffvvvvvvWellness Chicken & Herring Formula45.45%22.73%16.25%$30.34$2.3712.5
mmfvmAuthority Adult Chicken Recipe Pate45.45%29.55%12.30%$18.13$0.686.0
mmfvmvvAuthority Indoor Formula  Adult chicken & Rice45.45%11.36%23.66%$18.13$0.686.0
mmfvmvvNewman's Own Turkey Formula40.91%31.82%12.34%$88.30$1.493.0
mmfvmvvvvPrecise Plus Feline Adult Formula54.55%25.00%8.07%$34.42$1.425.5
mmfvmvvvvPurina ProPlan Selects Classic Adult Nat Beef & Brown Rice Entrée40.91%22.73%15.68%  3.0
mmfvmmvvvvvvMerrick Natural Choice Indoor Senior Chicken & Lamb Formula39.13%21.74%20.34%  5.5
mmfvvNewman's Own Chicken & Brown Rice Formula40.91%27.27%17.16%$88.30$1.493.0
mmfvvvvvvNewman's Own Turkey & vegetable Formula40.91%36.36%7.80%$88.30$1.493.0
mfmvvvvvvvWellness Beef & Salmon Formula45.45%27.27%13.30%$30.34$2.3712.5
mmvvvmvAuthority adult Turkey Recipe Flaked50.00%18.18%11.82%$19.15$0.796.0
mmvmfmAuthority Adult Turkey & Giblets45.45%29.55%12.41%$18.13$0.686.0
mmvmfvvPurina Friskies Savory Shreds w/ beef in gravy50.00%16.67%27.50%$22.30$0.695.5
mmvmvNatural Balance Chicken & Liver Pate Formula - Dick Van Patten's40.91%27.27%24.27%  6.0
mmvmvvvNatures Variety Instinct Beef Formula44.00%28.00%13.60%  3.0
mmvfvNatura California Natural chicken & Brown Rice40.91%27.27%10.02%$25.45$1.8913.2
mmvfvvvvvvvWellness Chicken & Lobster Formula45.45%22.73%16.25%$29.06$2.2712.5
mmvWeruva NineLiver W/ Chicken & Chicken Liver66.67%9.33%9.79%$54.98$1.895.5
mvSoulistic good Karma Chicken Dinner in Gravy62.50%6.88%11.38%  5.5
mmvvPrecise Feline Growth Formula Turkey Formula47.73%34.09%7.16%$38.51$1.395.5
mmvvvmvHills Science Diet Culinary Creations Roasted Chicken Dinner30.00%17.50%31.11%$67.39$1.395.5
mmvvvvmHills Science Diet Culinary Creations Roasted Beef Dinner28.57%20.48%32.80%$67.39$1.395.5
mmvvvWeruva PekingDucken w/ chicken & duck66.67%9.33%9.79%$54.98$1.895.5
mmvvvNatural Balance Duck & Green Pea Formula - Dick Van Patten's36.64%27.27%29.32%  6.0
mmvvvHills Prescription Diet D/D Skin Support Duck Formula36.36%25.00%15.45%  5.5
mmvvvvAddiction New Zealand Brush Tail & Vegetables Entrée55.00%22.73%4.09%$43.39$1.796.0
mmvvvvPet Promise by Natural Pet Nutrition 49.50%28.40%12.00%$25.12$0.955.5
mmvvvvNatures Variety Instinct Rabbit Formula40.00%30.00%17.80%  5.5
mmvvvvNatural Balance Indoor Cat Formula - Dick Van Patten's36.36%27.73%31.59%  6.0
mmvvvvv Wysong Beef Stew in Gravy44.84%16.67%33.33%  5.5
mmvvvvvvvWellness Kitten Formula50.00%31.82%2.61%$53.33$1.103.0
mfvSoulistic Sweet Salutations Chicken & Tuna Dinner in Gravey50.00%6.88%23.88%  5.5
mffvvvNewman's Own Chicken & B. Rice45.45%31.82%8.70%$79.47$1.493.0
mvWeruva PawLickin Chicken in Gravy 66.67%9.33%9.79%$54.98$1.895.5
mvvv Weruva Funky Chunky Chicken Soup64.00%9.60%12.34%$68.73$1.895.5
mvvvSoulistic Harvest Sunrise Chicken & Pumpkin Dinner in Gravey50.00%6.88%23.88%  5.5
mvvvvWeruva Steak Frites  66.67%9.33%12.26%$54.98$1.895.5
mvvvvWeruva Grandmas Chicken Soup  chickenPotatoPea&Carrot64.00%9.60%13.94%$68.73$1.895.5
mvvvvvAddiction NZ Venison & Apples45.00%15.00%35.00%  6.5
mmmfvvLvNatural Balance Ultra Formula -Dick Van Patten's40.91%22.73%31.59%  6.0
mmmLmvvvWellness Core Chicken Turkey & Chicken Liver Formula54.55%31.82%1.24%  5.5
mmLfvmLvvNatura Innova EVO Cat& Kitten Turkey & Chicken Formula54.55%36.36%5.45%$19.70$1.9513.2
mmmLfvvvNatura Innova Cat & Kitten 50.00%31.82%0.00%$21.93$1.9913.2
mmLfvLvNatura EVO Cat & Kitten 50.94%35.54%0.69%$30.56$1.395.5
fm Tiki Cat Wild Salmon & Chicken in Chicken Consomme63.64%9.09%13.41%$53.14$2.796.0
fmfMeowMix beef in Gravy Pouch66.67%10.00%0.00%$35.39$0.732.8
fmmmmvvvAvoDerm Ocean Fish Formula Kitten & Adult45.45%31.82%6.93%$40.44$1.395.5
fmmmfvvvvmvTaste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Feline Formula42.50%17.50%22.13%  3.0
fmmfvvLvNatural Balance Ocean Fish Formula - Dick Van Patten's40.91%22.73%31.59%  6.0
fmfvvvvvvvvWellness Salmon & Trout Formula45.45%22.73%15.80%$43.35$1.495.5
fmfvv Avoderm Salmon & Chicken Entrée in Gravy44.44%16.67%20.83%  3.0
ffmmvfvmvNatural Balance Tuna w/ Shrimp Formula - Dick Van Patten's45.45%27.27%20.23%  6.0
ffmmvvmvNatural Balance Salmon Formula - Dick Van Patten's45.45%27.27%20.23%  6.0
fmmvvvmvHills Science Diet Culinary Creations Baked Tuna Dinner36.36%20.95%23.44%$50.55$1.395.5
fmmvvmvvvPurina ProPlan Selects Classic Adult NatSalmon & BrownRice Entrée40.91%22.73%15.68%  3.0
fmmvvvvAvoderm Salmon Formula45.45%22.73%15.57%$37.53$1.295.5
fmvvAvoderm Tuna & Chicken Entrée w/ vegetables66.67%16.67%8.33%$42.22$0.953.0
fmvvvvAddiction Unagi & Seaweed Entrée40.00%20.00%35.00%  6.5
fTrader Joe's Tuna for Cats81.82%13.64%1.91%$7.82$0.495.5
fTiki Cat Hawaiian Grill AHI Tuna73.91%9.13%14.57%$29.92$0.892.8
fTikiCat Tahitian Grill Sardine Cutlets55.56%9.44%0.00%  2.8
fTrader Joe's Ocean Fish Salmon & Rice Dinner40.91%22.73%22.84%$19.07$0.595.5
ffffvWeruva Polynesian BBQ66.67%9.44%6.62%$45.82$1.895.5
fffvWeruva Outback Grill w/ trevally & barramundi66.67%9.33%0.00%$54.98$1.805.5
fffvWeruva Mack & Jack66.67%9.44%4.37%$54.98$1.895.5
ffvWeruva Mideast Feast w/ Grilled Tilapai in Gravy75.00%9.38%0.00%$45.82$1.893.0
ffvbff Best Feline Friend Tuna & Salmon Soulmates70.59%11.76%4.41%$31.27$1.295.5
ffvTikiCat Lanai Luau Tuna Crab Surimi Consomme75.00%10.50%0.00%  2.8
ffvWeruva Asian Fusion w/ tuna & shirasu70.59%9.41%1.92%$45.82$1.895.5
ffvvWhiskas Purrfectly Fish pouch Tuna & Whitefish Entrée61.54%15.38%0.00%  3.0
ffvvAvoDerm Tuna & CrabMeat Kitten & Adult55.56%11.11%9.78%$63.47$1.193.0
ffffvvMeowMIx tub Red Snapper & Ocean Fish Cuisine in Broth55.56%13.89%0.00%  2.8
ffffvvvWhiskas Purrfectly Fish pouch Sardine & Mackerel Entrée53.85%15.38%0.00%  3.0
fvSheba Premium Cuts Tuna Fillet-not complete food86.67%20.00%0.00%$43.08$0.982.8
ffffvvvvMeowMix tub Salmon & tuna Cuisine in broth66.67%13.89%0.00%  2.8
fffvvvMeowMix tub Trout & Ocean Fish Cuisine in broth66.67%11.11%0.00%  2.8
fvfvvTiki Cat Molokai Luau Tuna On Rice with Calamari45.45%9.09%31.59%$57.89$1.995.5
fvvWhiskas Purrfectly Fish pouch Tuna Entrée61.54%15.38%0.00%  3.0
fvvNatura CA Natural Salmon & Sweet Potato Formula54.55%36.36%0.00%$32.73$1.355.5
fvvvWeruva Mediterranean Harvest w/ Tuna & vegetables75.00%9.38%0.00%$45.82$1.893.0
fvvvvWeruva Marbella Mediterranean Harvest70.59%9.41%2.28%$45.92$1.895.5
mmmmfLbvvvmHills Science Diet Kitten Turkey & Giblets48.00%22.00%8.20%$24.00$0.995.5
mmmfvbvvvmvHills Science Diet Adult Turkey & Giblets Entrée minced31.82%20.00%31.04%  5.5
mmmbvmvAristocats sliced chicken Hearts & liver dinner50.00%9.09%24.77%$21.58$0.453.0
mmmbvmvRoyal Canin Veterinary Diet Urinary SO in gel37.50%9.38%31.25%  5.5
mmfbPurina Fancy Feast Tender Beef Feast50.00%18.18%8.86%$32.48$0.673.0
mmfvbvvIams carved filets Salmon in sauce Adult cat food44.44%27.78%5.28%$36.00$0.995.5
mmbmPurina Fancy Feast Sliced Turkey & Giblets50.00%9.09%21.59%$24.24$0.503.0
mmbmvPurina ProPlan Chicken & Liver Entree 50.00%25.00%4.32%$47.34$1.795.5
mmbmvvvvHills Science Diet Hairball chicken34.78%20.00%21.57%$34.55$0.955.5
mmbmvvvvHills Science Diet Adult Savory Chicken Entrée Hairball Control34.09%18.18%23.32%  5.5
mmbvmvAristocats sliced turkey dinner50.00%9.09%24.77%$21.58$0.453.0
mmbvvLPurina Veterinary Diets OM Overweight Management42.50%5.00%32.50%  5.5
mmbvvvvHills Prescription Diet k/d Renal Health with Chicken28.26%23.91%31.90%  5.5
mmbvvvvPurina Friskies Selects Indoor Classic Chicken Entrée31.82%13.64%34.32%  5.5
mmvbvvPurina ProPlan Turkey & Cheddar Cheese Entrée55.56%11.11%8.06%  3.0
mmvbvvPurina Friskies Prime Filets Turkey Dinner in Gravey55.00%10.00%16.25%  5.5
mmvbvvPurina Friskies Prime Filets w/ chicken in Gravey55.00%10.00%17.50%  5.5
mmvbvvPurina Friskies Prime Filets w/ beef in Gravey55.00%10.00%17.25%  5.5
mmvbvvPurina Fancy Feast Grilled Liver & Chicken Feast in Gravy54.55%9.09%17.05%$33.33$0.753.0
mmvbvvPurina Fancy Feast Chicken Feast in Gravy54.55%9.09%17.05%$29.78$0.673.0
mbmvv Hills Prescription Diet y/d Thyroid Health36.36%27.27%18.45%$90.91$2.505.5
mbmvvvvLHills Science Diet Kitten Liver & Chicken Entrée minced49.23%21.15%8.35%$22.50$0.995.5
mbvmvvWhiskas choice cuts pouch beef44.44%16.67%16.39%$37.33$0.563.0
mbbmvvvvvvvIams Proactive Health pate with Tender Beef45.45%25.00%14.09%  5.5
mvmbmvvvPurina Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys White Meat Chicken Florentine55.00%10.00%12.25%$48.00$0.993.0
mvmbvvvPurina Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys shredded Turkey Fare63.64%9.09%6.59%$37.71$0.993.0
mvmbvvvPurina ProPlan Chicken & Rice Entree50.00%9.09%21.59%$47.34$1.795.5
mvbmvmvvvvPurina Friskies Selects Indoor Chicken & Turkey Casserole40.91%9.09%32.95%$22.30$0.695.5
mvvvmvvvbPurina Friskies Selects Indoor Homestyle Turkey Dinner36.36%9.09%37.50%  5.5
mbvvmvHills Prescription Diet r/d w/Liver & Chicken 37.50%9.20%31.30%$56.94$1.395.5
fmmvvvvvvvvWellness Healthy Indulgence Tuna Recipe pckt50.00%13.89%15.97%  3.0
ffmmvbvvPurina Fancy Feast Tuna Feast63.64%13.64%0.00%$25.52$0.673.0
ffmmvbvvPurina Fancy Feast Chicken & Tuna Feast63.64%15.91%0.00%$25.52$0.673.0
fmbfffPurina Fancy Feast Cod Sole & Shrimp Feast59.09%9.09%8.86%$27.49$0.673.0
fmvmbvvPurina Fancy Feast Grilled Tuna Feast in Gravy54.55%9.09%17.05%$33.33$0.753.0
fvbfvmmvvvbvPurina Friskies Selects Indoor Saucy Seafood Bake40.91%9.09%32.95%  5.5
fvbvmvFancy Feast Grilled Salmon Feast in Gravy54.55%9.09%17.05%$33.33$0.753.0
mbmfmvbvvPurina Fancy Feast Chicken Feast50.00%18.18%8.86%$32.48$0.673.0
mbmfvbvvIams carved filets Skipjack Tuna in sauce Adult cat food44.44%27.78%5.28%$36.00$0.995.5
mbmfvmvvPurina ProPlan Adult Chicken Entrée50.00%18.18%20.23%  3.0
mvvvmvvbmbPurina Friskies Selects Indoor Braised Beef Dinner36.36%9.09%36.14%$24.36$0.675.5
mmbmvvvvLHills Science diet Adult Savory Chicken Entree40.91%18.18%21.04%  5.5
mmbvbvIams carved filets w/ savory chicken in Gravy44.44%27.78%5.28%$36.00$0.995.5
mmbbPurina Fancy Feast Gourmet Chicken Feast50.00%22.73%6.59%$32.48$0.673.0
mbmbvvvvvvIams Proactive Health Pate w/ gourmet Chicken45.45%25.00%12.43%  5.5
mbbmvvvvLHills Science Diet Mature Adult Gourmet Beef Entrée 36.36%18.18%25.00%  5.5
mbbmvvvvvvvIams Proactive Health Pate w/ Lamb & Rice45.45%25.00%14.13%  5.5
mbbfvPurina Friskies Poultry Platter45.45%22.73%11.14%$17.45$0.605.5
mbfvmbbvvIams Premium Pate w/ select Ocean fish Adult45.45%24.09%16.14%$28.80$0.995.5
fmbbvvPurina Friskies Mariner's Catch50.00%13.64%15.68%$25.65$0.975.5
fbmbvPurina Friskies Ocean Whitefish Dinner45.45%29.55%9.77%  5.5
fbmbvvPriority (Safeway) Ocean Whitefish Diner Special Diet45.45%29.55%9.66%$14.55$0.505.5
fbbmbbvvPurina Friskies Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Dinner50.00%18.18%11.14%$15.87$0.605.5
bmmmvvfRoyal Canin Veterinary Diet Renal LP modified27.27%40.91%27.27%  6.0
bmmbPurina Fancy Feast Tender Beef & Chicken Feast47.73%27.27%5.23%$34.03$0.673.0
bmbff9 Lives Del Monte Foods Chicken & Tuna Dinner40.91%20.45%17.95%$14.55$0.455.5
bmbmvPriority (Safeway) Turkey & Giblets Diner Special Diet45.45%29.45%11.94%$14.55$0.505.5
bmvmmfvvPurina Friskies Sliced Beef50.00%11.36%20.23%$10.69$0.9713.2
bmvvmvPurina Selects Indoor Herbed Salmon Entrée31.82%13.64%33.86%  5.5
bmbmvPurina Friskies Special Urinary Diet  Turkey & Giblets45.45%29.55%9.66%$17.45$0.605.5
bmvvvPurina ProPlan Chicken Entree urinary tract Health54.55%15.91%20.59%$43.39$1.795.5
bfbvvPurina Friskies Salmon Dinner45.45%22.73%13.41%$12.80$0.445.5
bbmmmvPurina Friskies Special Urinary Diet  Beef & Liver Entrée45.45%31.82%7.39%$17.45$0.605.5
bbmmvPurina Friskies Special Urinary Diet  Beef & Chicken Entrée45.45%31.82%7.39%$17.45$0.605.5
bbmvPurina Friskies Mixed Grill45.45%22.73%13.41%$12.80$0.445.5
bbfvPurina Friskies Turkey & Giblets Dinner45.45%22.73%13.41%$17.45$0.605.5
 Canned Cat Food Comparison Summary Legend  ProteinFatCarbohy-drate/other$$ / lb protein  
m = meat < 10% 
f = fish 10-20%< 10%
L = f/m meal> 55%20-25%10-20%
v = vege/grain44-55%20-30%20-30%
b = by product40-44%30-35%30-35%
< 40%> 35%> 35%
Averages  48.77%20.77%14.44%$35.66