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Payment of Anticipated cat boarding cost is due and expected at time of cat hotel drop-off /check-in. (Cash or Cashier Checks).

Cat Boarding Fees are charged for each partial afternoon or night your cat stays at our cat boarding kennel. There is no boarding fee for the day of departure if your cat is picked-up from our cat hotel before noon.

Discounted cat boarding prices apply to multiple cats from the same cat family or 1 cat in multiple cat condos and to long term cat boarding. Click here [Cat Boarding Prices and Open Hours] for a printer friendly page about the cost of boarding a cat.

Cat in PurrInn Condo JpgBlack Cat PictureAvailable cat accommodations include: Click on a highlighted description to see a photo
Black Cat Picture Standard Cat-Condo  Black Cat Picture  Standard Cat-Townhouse or Cat-Suite
Black Cat PictureDaylight or View Cat-Condo Black Cat Picture  Deluxe Cat-Condo
Black Cat PictureDaylight or  View Cat-Townhouse or View Cat-Suite Black Cat Picture  Deluxe Cat-Townhouse or Deluxe Cat-Suite
Black Cat PictureDeluxe cat-suites, cat-townhouses and cat-condos include a view and are more spacious
Black Cat Picture3 Cats and up - Same Cat-Family - 3rd thru 6th cats = $1.00 off Daily Cat Boarding Rates

CAT HOTEL RESERVATIONS:  For your convenience, you can request that we "pencil-in" your cat boarding reservation with PurrInn's [on-line reservation request form]. You will be contacted within one business day to confirm availability and cat boarding costs. Reservations will be "penciled-in" but not guaranteed without a deposit and completed, including appointment times, reservation form.

Reservations for your cats' favorite cat-condo, cat-suite, or cat-townhouse will be guaranteed when we receive your deposit and completed [Cat Boarding Reservation Form]. Click here [Cat Boarding Rates and Open Hours] for a viewer and printer friendly pdf of cat boarding reservation deposit prices and details.

CAT BOARDING PRICES per DayDaylight adds   $2.00 View adds  $4.00   Deluxe adds   $4.00
CAT CONDO1 cat$19.00 $21.00 $23.00 $27.00
TOWNHOUSE1 cat$33.00 $35.00 $39.00 $43.00 2 cats$38.00 $40.00 $44.00 $48.00
CAT SUITE1 cat$33.00 $42.00 $46.00 $54.00 2 cats$38.00 $47.00 $51.00 $59.00
Min Charge for each non-Christmas visit equals a min 5 day stay in the selected accommodation. Example: Min Charge
per visit for a Standard Condo = $95 and
Min Charge
for a Christmas week Cattery visit = 12 X daily rate per selected accommodation.
Cat Boarding Pick-up or Drop-off before 9:30 AM or after 5 PM may sometimes be allowed, but only with prior permission and for a minimum additional charge equal to one days stay.
CAT BOARDING DISCOUNTS-$1.00a day for 3rd to 6th cats-same family 
 -$1.00a day per cat for Over 21 days visitdiscount on base cat boarding rate after 21st day
SPECIAL FELINE SERVICES$1.00Feline medication per dose. We do not administer injections or subcutaneous fluids.
Each Cat Visitor enjoys two brush / cat-play times each day but can also reserve extra out-of-condo fun-time.$4.0010 extra minutes brush / playtime 
$6.0015 extra minutes brush / playtime
 $10.00Carrier cleaning - Carriers arriving with old dry soilage will be cleaned at Owner's expense.
CAT BOARDING RESERVATION DEPOSITSDeposits are returned only if cancellations are made 14 or more days prior to the check-in date. After one cancellation without adequate notice, all future boarding reservations will require a 100% of anticipated fees non-refundable deposit.
Reservations penciled-in are not guaranteed without a deposit & reservation form.Reservation deposits are recommended if your cat:
Standard deposit = $50.00. Deposits for reservations made more than 60 days prefers a View or Daylight Condo,
in advance and reservations for the Christmas / New years holidays = $100.00.has a favorite Condo or Townhouse, or
will visit  during a busy or holiday period.

Call (206) 660-6475 for other Boarding Cattery Prices and Services.