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  1. Always ask to see where your cat will stay. Check to see if the Cat Hotel Condo is clean and if bedding is provided. Notice if the setting could be stressful for your cat. Is a current Business License posted? Beware of any feline facility that will not allow you to tour due to insurance restrictions! There is NO insurance that does not allow safely escorted tours.
  2. Make reservations early, especially during peak Summer months, Christmas, and other major Holidays.
  3. As you begin packing for your trip, talk to your cat and explain your plans, describe the Boarding Cattery and emphasize you will return and bring it home again. Cats that have been informed of their Cat Hotel vacation are calmer and adjust better to boarding. Unfortunately, indoor-outdoor cats often encounter and catch stray fleas, even indoor-only cats may harbor fleas introduced to their homes aboard unwary owners or visitors, and unwittingly infested cats may inadvertently carry fleas into a cattery. To protect your cat apply (at least 48 hours prior to check-in) a topical flea control product like Advantage or FrontlinePlus for cats.
  4. Because your cat may be uneasy about your preparations, it may disappear outside or hide indoors. On the day you plan to bring it to the Boarding Cattery, keep your cat indoors and confined. Frantic clients have had to cancel their cat boarding reservations and leave their cat to the elements because they couldn't find their feline friend at the time of departure!
  5. Bring something familiar from home, such as a favorite toy, brush, or comb, which will help make the adjustment for your cat to new surroundings easier. The item should be clean and small enough to fit into the Condo. (Of course, all bowls, a cat bed, litter, and the litter box are provided). If your cat enjoys being brushed or combed or is a long-hair cat, bring a favorite brush and comb so PurrInn Cats Hostelry staff can groom your cat during play time.
  6. Bring the entire amount of your cats' usual brand of dry cat kibbles or canned cat food needed for the planned stay, plus extra for 3 days in case the stay is extended. It is important to bring food your cat likes, especially if your cat is picky or on a special diet. Cats too often get diarrhea or stop eating if brand/quality of food is suddenly changed.  Don't forget to bring vitamins, medications, and any special treats your cat is accustomed to eating.
  7. If your cat is prone to car-sickness, remove water and food the night before you bring your cat into the Boarding Cattery. After your cat settles into its Condo at the Cat Hotel, it will find fresh water and food to nibble when its tummy settles.
  8. Transport your cat in a clean plastic or fabric escape-proof cat carrier to be kept at the cattery until you return. Transport each cat in a separate cat carrier. A car ride's tensions can make cats irritable enough to start catfights between the best of friends. Separate carriers also provide escape-proof safety for each cat in the unlikely event of an emergency. PurrInn Cats Hostelry prefers plastic carriers because they are the easiest to clean.
    Clean your cat's carrier often, allowing plenty of time for the cat carrier's interior to completely dry (use bleach for plastic carriers). Dirty carriers that arrive with old dry soilage inside or that are dirty outside will be cleaned at Owner's expense before storage at the cattery (no charge for cleaning fresh travel induced soilage). Cats have an acute sense of smell and strenuously object to a carrier smelling of fear-pheromones, vomit, urine or feces.
    Place a clean, easily-washed, small towel or disposable absorbent pad in the carrier during transport for your cats comfort and to absorb any "accidents". Un-washable items will be sent home with you.  Spraying "Feliway" or "Bach Rescue Remedy" on a soft toy to place in the carrier may calm anxious cats. DO NOT put catnip or catnip toys in carriers. Catnip is a stimulant and usually makes an anxious cat more anxious and an aggressive cat more aggressive.
  9. You might be surprised by your cat's behavior when you bring it into the Boarding Cattery. Cats are by nature solitary animals, and when placed in a new territory inhabited by other cats, often display defensive hissing and growling behavior. By the next day, most cats recognize the cattery's unique territorial boundaries, snuggle into their condos, accept pampering from the Staff, and become playful and often quite affectionate.
  10. Returning home requires another adjustment for your cat. Hiding or carefully re-exploring the entire house are common behaviors. Limiting your feline friends access a bit, until your kitty settles into being home again, can be a good plan.